Colmar, France

I’ve been living in Deutschland for almost 7 months now. Never have I been this far from home for this long. And while I miss my people back in the States, I haven’t felt the first tugging of homesickness. My heart and soul belongs in Europe. From the dragon scale roof tiles, to the random … Continue reading Colmar, France

Trier, Germany

It’s been some time since Tristan and I have had the chance to travel. We’ve both been busy with work and school, but now that sixth grade is winding and the weather is trying to cooperate, we’ve been making plans. Spring in Deutschland has been a burst of rich, vivid greens littered with scarlet, pinks, … Continue reading Trier, Germany

Little Things: Part Three

This edition of “Little Things” is mixture of both positives and… less positives. Don’t misunderstand – I love living here (you know, in the whole four months that we’ve been here), but there are some things that I miss from home – as well as absolutely baffle me about Germany. While there are things that … Continue reading Little Things: Part Three


And suddenly, in a few days, it will be three months since we made our journey. In these three months, I’ve begun working, found an amazing sitter for Tristan, explored a few castles, met some wonderfully welcoming co-workers, learned to drive the German roads, learned to move fast in the checkout line, eaten an insane … Continue reading Drei


Since getting my driver’s license, I’ve had many questions! Now, I’ve only had it for a short time, and have only driven to some familiar places, but I thought I would write a post about my experiences thus far, as well as some others’ that have been driving here for a longer time than I … Continue reading Fahrschule

All in a Month

It’s been a month since our big jump across the great blue pond. We experienced two weeks of quarantine, lots of binge watching great television, doggie walks, and lots of learning curves. My curls are a hot mess; my kid has yet to start school; and I’ve spent way too much money on brezeln and … Continue reading All in a Month


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