Castle Chronicles: Burgruine Frankenstein

If I understand correctly, there are multiple Frankenstein castles. There is the ruin in the village of Frankenstein in Rhineland-Pfalz, and there is the castle in Hesse where the (from what I hear) amazing Halloween festival is held. We visited Burgruine Frankenstein, the castle ruins in the village of Frankenstein. Something I've noticed about the … Continue reading Castle Chronicles: Burgruine Frankenstein


And suddenly, in a few days, it will be three months since we made our journey. In these three months, I've begun working, found an amazing sitter for Tristan, explored a few castles, met some wonderfully welcoming co-workers, learned to drive the German roads, learned to move fast in the checkout line, eaten an insane … Continue reading Drei

Castle Chronicles: Burg Nanstein & Heather Cliffs

A walking/bike path Remember how I said there are over 20,000 castles and castle ruins just in Deutschland alone? They literally litter the landscape, popping up on hills and mountains seemingly from nowhere. Driving down the autobahn, you can see church steeples and castle towers. Almost every town, city, village has it's own castle or … Continue reading Castle Chronicles: Burg Nanstein & Heather Cliffs

The New Nurse

You finish nursing school, pass the boards, and then you hit the unit running. I know what you're feeling because I remember those emotions like they were yesterday: excitement, eagerness, pride... lost, ignorant, overwhelmed, unprepared, scared. I can tell you a thousand times that these feelings fade with time, and most of them will. But … Continue reading The New Nurse