The Little Things: Part Two

So, we’ve been here for slightly more than three weeks. We’re out of quarantine and I’ve finally been able to pound the pavement to the Edeka I can see from the apartment. Oh, how I love this store. It’s comparative to a small Wegmans or Ukrops (if you’re from Virginia). I pop my little plastic coin in the shopping cart, open my reusable bags inside the cart, and go to town.

Upon entering the store, you can smell the delights of the little bäckerei on the right. Fresh fruits and vegetables cascade down on the shelves. It’s wonderful… and busy. But I’ll share with you some of the snacks that I’ve picked up to try… and some of the oops, I didn’t mean to buy that‘s.

Milch Reis
This is a combined favorite snack and oops, I didn’t mean to buy this. On the shelf, I merely glanced at the name, but saw what looked like cottage cheese in the photo on the label. I got it home, opened the top and shoved a spoonful in my mouth: definitely not cottage cheese. I looked at the label and about smacked myself in the head. Had I actually taken the time to read it, I’d have known what I was buying: rice pudding. Nonetheless, I’ve since purchased multiple containers. It’s a perfect little sweet snack and comes with zimt (cinnamon), kirsche (cherries), pistazie (pistachio), and other flavors.

These tasty little rings are comparable to the American Funyuns, yet better. The flavor is more bold and delicious; the rings a smaller size, more convenient size. Strangely, as much as Tristan loves onions, he wasn’t a fan of the fun little chips; but I love them!

Edeka Bourbon-Vanille Waffeln
Oh, these fantastical, sweet, perfect waffles with powdered sugar sprinkled on top like snow on the hills. They’re soft, delicious, and so very addictive. Each package comes with three waffeln that delightfully peel apart at the creases. It’s like picking off petals of a flower. They’re exceptionally delicious as a morning treat with coffee or tea, offsetting the bite of coffee beans or tea leaves with vanilla sweetness.

Tristan and I first had them when we visited Germany in 2019. And now we get them every time we go to the store. These waffeln are probably our favorite treat thus far. In fact, I’m slowly savoring one as I write this.

Fred Ferkle
Thanks to a package received from our friends in Germany while we were still in the States, Tristan hunted down these pink little piggies as soon as we could step foot in Edeka. I haven’t been able to think of what American candy to compare them to, but they are a smoothly sweet, chewy candy that Tristan and I both have come to enjoy.

If anyone knows Tristan, they know that he has a sweet tooth for marshmallows and chocolate. I believe he likes to think himself a connoisseur of both as he has been tasting different brands of chocolate eis (ice cream), as well as the different flavors of marshmallows he’s come across. These chocolate covered marshmallows are another treat we first experienced when we were here in 2019. Tristan loved them then, and he loves them now.

While they are a bit too sweet for my taste, Tristan enjoys walking to Edeka and buying an inexpensive box of them to snack on. He enjoys the Super Dickmann’s which are about the size of a small plum.

Since coming out of quarantine, we’ve experienced holiday after holiday. This has left the grocery stores rather busy when they are open and at the times I’m able to go. Crowds, especially in the pandemic, causes a bit of anxiety for me, and the need to rush along. Pair that with an impatient pre-teen, and that makes a recipe for forgetfulness and a lack of focus.

I’ve now bought rice pudding thinking it was cottage cheese, alcohol-free beer, and lactose-free milk thinking it was coffee creamer. Typically, once I get home and I’m putting the groceries away, I realize what I’ve bought and facepalm. Tristan rather enjoys the mistakes, cackling at his mother’s ditziness. I, too, rather giggle at my own silliness as these little mistakes help me learn the language and familiarize myself with the products I’ll be buying.

What are your favorite snacks from around the world? Have you ever bought something thinking it was another thing? Tell me all about it in the comments!

7 responses to “The Little Things: Part Two”

  1. Have you had any German wine yet? We had a bottle at dinner the other night amd it was so smooth! Hands down best I’ve ever had!


  2. I used to live in Germany and I do miss German shopping. .. not so much the food, but definitely trips to Rossmans for all the lovely bath and body products!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The bath and body products are so good! But I do also love German food. 🙂 I grew up eating a very German diet, though. I will say, I wish the take out options were a little better… but I think it has to do with the area I live in.


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