A Decision is Made

It wasn’t an easy choice to make. Sure, living abroad tickles anyone’s imagination: castles at every turn; train rides to Paris and beyond; Weihnachtsmarkt und glüwein… being somewhere, anywhere, other than here. But picking up your entire life and moving it to another continent…

Many intricate details needed to fall into place in order to even consider such a vast life change. Who would be our support system? How would school work for Tristan? Would Lily be able to go (a boy cannot live without his canine partner in crime)? Could Tristan still talk to his therapist here in the states? What would his therapist even think of this? What would I do with my house? How could I leave my job here for such an unknown?

And if I turned it all down, would I hate myself for the rest of my life? The easy answer to that is, yes. Yes, I would be wholly regretful that I did not offer this opportunity to both myself and my son. I have a chance to do the job that I love in Europe while my housing is paid for. We can travel that side of the world (post-COVID, obviously) for so much cheaper; so much easier! What an experience this would make for Tristan! Can this work?

The short answer is: yes. The long answer is: this is going to take much time, effort, and many calls home. But this will work. And we’ll be better for it!

3 responses to “A Decision is Made”

  1. I think I have replied to this post before but now I am not sure. I tried to sign up for word press but they assumed that I must have my own web site. Since I don’t have facebook I don’t know what they want, but I did think that one went through. Philip is not very good to tell me what he sees on his facebook but Cat is. Thank you for thinking of me and my heart is with you both always. 


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