Moving Day

The movers are here. I can hear tape ripping from the roll, boxes shuffling across the floor, and I’ve offered donuts to the guys. I sit here as all my belongings are moved onto a truck for the most enormous move/decision/adventure I’ve ever had in my life. My emotions are all over the place today. I want to cry because I know I will be homesick, but I also absolutely tremor with the excitement of it all.

I’m also enormously proud of all the decisions and choices, mistakes and successes, stubbornness and vulnerability that it’s taken to get to this moment. I’m thankful for all of the people that cheered me on, cut me off, told me yes or no, lifted me up, and challenged the hell out of me. And I’m ever so thankful for the new support system I’m gaining in Germany.

This is happening.

And then away all of my material items go… all of things I’ve worked so hard to accumulate. See you again soon, Junk.

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