About this Blog

The decision to become a nurse was simple: a switch flipped, a light flickered on, and my future came into focus. I was a new mom with a job I hated, no real education past high school… all I knew was, I needed a plan.

I thought back to my experience on the L&D unit where I delivered my son. The nurses were phenomenal: from laughing and crying with me, to teaching me how to breastfeed and care for myself after my c-section; I suddenly knew my calling. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing December of 2016, and began my nursing career on the same Labor and Delivery unit where I’d delivered my son in February 2017.

Now my journey is taking me across the sea to another love of mine: Germany. While I will still continue to work in an American hospital on base, I intend to fully immerse myself and my son into the German culture. I intend to travel “this side” of the world; taste all the food, see all the sights, hear all the languages… and I would love for you to travel along with me.

What you can expect to see from my blog:
– All the photo’s!
– Our daily adventures
– Our travels to other countries
– My experiences as a nurse
– Anything and everything

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