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Metz, France

There are so many excellent day trips within an hour from my home – Metz happens to be one of them. Without a real agenda for the day, a friend and I decided to take the hour drive. We enjoyed the day walking the streets of the old town, eating delicious French cuisine, crepes, and … Continue reading Metz, France


I’d started a post back in December, while in quarantine after our move, about the hard hit my curls had taken to the hard water here in Germany. A bit later, I decided to put it on the back burner because, well, who gives a shit about my hair? Lately, though, I’ve been getting so … Continue reading Curls.

Roma, Italia

Our last big trip of the year added another new country to our ever growing list. We boarded a plane at Frankfurt am Main, and disembarked at Fiumicino on the coast of Rome. We stepped out of wet chilly air, and into a delightful heat that kissed our tired skin like little butterfly wings. Since … Continue reading Roma, Italia

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