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The Great English Roadtrip: The Final Part

We were a bit loath to leave London, but ready to drive into the final legs of our roadtrip. Bidding farewell to the city, we drove on to Canterbury, England. Canterbury, England A long desired location on my bucket list, there was no way I was going to leave England without stopping through. It was…

Castle Chronicles: Dover Castle

On the final leg of our Great English Roadtrip, we made a stop in Dover on our journey from Canterbury to Folkestone to catch the train under the channel. Our crossing from France had been too foggy to see the White Cliffs, so I wanted to revisit the port town. I’m so glad we did…

Zwei Jahre

One thing I know for sure about myself is that I’m a dweller. And in that nature, I have been one of those that takes a moment to reflect on the prior year, as well as the year ahead. Reflect is probably the wrong word. What I really do is sit and marinate in stormy…

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