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Single Parenthood Abroad

Many changes have happened in the past (almost) two years. We uprooted ourselves from Virginia and planted our roots in foreign soil. I left the hospital I’d begun and grown my career in; beginning anew in a completely different healthcare system. Tristan grudgingly left his friends and beloved neighborhood and followed his mama on a […]

Castle Chronicles: The Tower of London

It’s hard to include little snippets of these great towering legends in general blog posts. These monuments of history deserve more than just a passing glance as they hold so much of our past in them. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine piles of great stone bricks shaping what the future became, but these buildings were […]

The Great English Roadtrip: Part Three

As we become more experience travelers, Tristan and I have learned that we don’t always have to check off every item on our daily itinerary. Oftentimes, we set out for a packed day with intentions of visiting every destination, but ultimately we one place is more desired than another; or we don’t want to cross […]

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