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The Great English Roadtrip: Part Two

The next morning, we loaded back into the car for the next leg of our Great English Roadtrip. Tristan had expressed interest in taking the ferry across the Channel as well, so off we sailed across the Channel. Unfortunately, it was incredibly foggy, so we were unable to really enjoy the view, or see the […]

The Great English Roadtrip: Part One

It’s still incredible to me, that I can show my parents the success that I’ve built in such a way that I can bring them to another part of the world for the very first time. I think it’s safe to say that my parents likely would never have made it to Europe had I […]

Castle Chronicles: Gravensteen Castle

The castle was mentioned briefly in my previous post about Ghent because I felt it needed its own post as do all the castles we have visited. The Castle of the Counts makes seven castles visited at the time of our travel to the city, and one of our favorites. We were able to meander […]

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